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Bruno Ferrara Sardo Karate Caaaaaaat NV

Bruno Ferrara Sardo Karate Caaaaaaat NV

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Wine Details

● Type: Red
● Dry/Sweet:
● Vintage:
● Grapes:
● Farming: Organic
● Winemaking:
Seven-day fermentation, aged on fine lees in steel and concrete vats.
● Alcohol: 12%

Producer Profile

This wine is a collaboration between Christophe Kaczmarek and Michel Maestroujuan. Michel is the third-generation winemaker of this magnificent 30-hectare property in Gascogne. By 2020, his estate transitioned to organic agriculture.

Christophe, passionate about wine, is the genius behind the Caaaaaaat collection. Every process, from winemaking, blending, bottling, to packaging, happens on Michel's esatte. The entire journey from vineyard to cellar emphasizes nature conservation, soil rejuvenation, and bolstering biodiversity.

Wine Region

Angers, located in the Loire Valley of France, is a renowned wine region with deep historical roots in viticulture. The area boasts a diverse range of soil types, ideal for various grape varieties. Its temperate climate, influenced by the Loire River, provides optimal conditions for grape cultivation.

Over the years, Angers has gained prominence for its commitment to natural wine production, aligning with modern preferences for sustainable and organic practices. Natural wine enthusiasts appreciate Angers for its minimal intervention approach, letting the grapes express their true character. The region produces both red and white wines, celebrated for their purity, clarity, and authenticity.

Key grape varieties include Chenin Blanc for whites and Cabernet Franc for reds. As the demand for natural wines grows globally, Angers continues to stand out, offering wines that perfectly balance tradition with contemporary tastes.

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