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Carolina Gatti Canaja Orange 2020

Carolina Gatti Canaja Orange 2020

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Wine Details

● Type: Orange
● Dry/Sweet:
● Vintage:
● Grapes:
● Farming: Organic
● Winemaking:
Fermented and macerated in stainless steel.
● Alcohol: 12%

Producer Profile

Since 2021, Racina has symbolized the revival of viticulture in the Costa Viola, particularly within the Municipality of Villa San Giovanni (RC). By employing contemporary winemaking techniques on the native grape varieties abundant along the Tyrrhenian coast of the province of Reggio Calabria, Racina breathes life into supernatural and profoundly expressive terroir wines.

Their production approach is firmly rooted in minimal environmental impact, both in the vineyard and the cellar, with a focus on achieving the harmony that nature naturally provides. In the vineyard, they refrain from tilling the soil, eschew hoeing and fertilization, and instead encourage grass growth. Thanks to aeration and strong winds prevalent on the Costa Viola, humidity levels in the vineyard remain consistently low, effectively thwarting disease development.

In the cellar, Racina adheres to a minimalist philosophy, using only one ingredient – grapes – and exclusively relying on indigenous yeasts. Temperature control is eschewed, and fermentations in small batches prevent excessive must overheating. The wines remain unfiltered, with natural clarification achieved through winter temperatures and gravity-based racking. Importantly, Racina refrains from adding sulfites, as it would contradict their established principles and the very essence of Racina's winemaking philosophy thus far.

Wine Region

Calabria, located in southern Italy, boasts a rich viticultural heritage that appeals to wine enthusiasts seeking an authentic experience. Its diverse geography, ancient vineyards, and unique local grape varieties make it an intriguing destination.

Situated between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, Calabria benefits from a favorable climate influenced by its mountainous terrain, including the Aspromonte, Sila, and Pollino ranges. The region enjoys abundant sunshine, complemented by cooling sea breezes, while nutrient-rich soils contribute to the distinct character of its wines.

Calabria takes pride in its indigenous grape varieties, which reflect the region's terroir. Notably, Gaglioppo, a revered red grape, thrives in Calabria's arid climate, yielding robust wines with deep crimson hues, lively acidity, and flavors of red berries and spices. The prestigious Cirò DOC showcases the winemaking prowess of Calabria, with Gaglioppo as its cornerstone.

The region also boasts a diverse range of local grapes that contribute to its viticultural tapestry. Varieties like Magliocco, Nerello Cappuccio, Greco Bianco, and Mantonico lend their unique characteristics to Calabria's wines, adding depth and complexity. These grape varieties are carefully cultivated by skilled artisans, resulting in wines of exceptional quality and individuality.

Calabria's winemakers embrace a tradition of craftsmanship, emphasizing simplicity and authenticity in their approach. They employ gentle techniques that allow the grapes to fully express their character. Sustainability is prioritized, with vineyards cultivated with care to preserve the natural integrity of the land and its ecosystems.

Exploring the wines of Calabria reveals captivating reds from Cirò and enchanting whites crafted from Greco Bianco and Mantonico. Cirò Rosso, known for its velvety texture and enticing aromas, captivates the senses. Meanwhile, Greco Bianco offers elegant acidity and floral notes, pleasing the palate. For those seeking indulgence, Calabria's Passito wines, made from dried grapes, offer a luscious sweetness that harmonizes beautifully with local desserts.

Calabria's viticultural heritage invites immersion into a world where natural and artisanal winemaking converge. The wines reflect the profound relationship between the land, the grape, and the skilled hands that shape them.

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