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Ponte di Toi 2021

Ponte di Toi 2021

Stefano Legnani

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  • Place: Liguria, Italy.
  • Grapes: Vermentino.
  • Farming: Certified organic.
  • Winemaking: Extended maceration on the skins.
  • Style: Dry, orange wine, medium body.

Producer Profile

Stefano Legnani is a natural winemaker based in Liguria, Italy. He has been making wine since 2012, and his wines are known for their expression of terroir and their purity of fruit.

Legnani's vineyards are located in the Cinque Terre region, which is known for its steep slopes and terraced vineyards. He works with a variety of grape varieties, including Vermentino, Albarola, and Sangiovese.

In the vineyard, Legnani practices organic farming. He uses compost and other natural fertilizers, and he avoids the use of herbicides and pesticides. In the cellar, he intervenes as little as possible. He ferments his wines with native yeasts, and he does not add any sulfur dioxide or other additives.

Wine Region

Liguria, a crescent-shaped region in northwest Italy, boasts a winemaking history that dates back to pre-Roman times. The Etruscans and Greeks were among the first to introduce viticulture to this coastal region. The Greeks, in particular, brought with them the cultivation techniques and grape varieties that would lay the foundation for Liguria's unique wine profile. Over the centuries, Liguria faced numerous invasions, from the Romans to the Lombards, each leaving their mark on the region's viticulture. Despite its tumultuous history, Liguria's winemaking traditions have remained resilient, with many ancient grape varieties and techniques still in use today.

Liguria stretches along Italy's northwest coast, nestled between the Ligurian Sea and the Apennine Mountains. This narrow strip of land is characterized by its rugged coastline, steep terraced hills, and picturesque villages. The region is bordered by France to the west, Piedmont to the north, Emilia-Romagna to the northeast, and Tuscany to the east. Its capital, Genoa, has historically been a significant port city, influencing trade and culture throughout the region.

The terroir of Liguria is as varied as its landscape. The coastal influence of the Ligurian Sea provides a moderating effect on the climate, ensuring mild winters and temperate summers. The steep terraced vineyards, often carved into rocky hillsides, benefit from excellent sun exposure and drainage. The soils are predominantly slate and sandstone, which contribute to the mineral characteristics found in many Ligurian wines. The combination of maritime breezes, varied elevation, and diverse soil composition creates microclimates that are ideal for cultivating a wide range of grape varieties.

Liguria is home to several indigenous grape varieties that are rarely found elsewhere:

Vermentino: A white grape variety that produces aromatic wines with notes of citrus, pear, and almond, often accompanied by a distinct minerality.
Pigato: Another white grape, Pigato wines are known for their full body, floral aromas, and flavors of peach and apricot.
Rossese: A red grape variety, Rossese wines are light-bodied with flavors of red berries, rose petals, and a hint of spice.
Sciacchetrà: A prized sweet wine made from dried grapes, primarily Bosco, Albarola, and Vermentino. It's a wine of great depth, with flavors of honey, dried fruits, and nuts.
Liguria's DOCs (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) include Cinque Terre, Riviera Ligure di Ponente, and Colli di Luni, among others, each producing wines that reflect the unique terroir of their respective areas.

Given its coastal location, it's no surprise that seafood plays a significant role in Ligurian cuisine. Here are some classic pairings:
Vermentino: Pairs beautifully with seafood salads, grilled fish, and pasta with pesto, a Ligurian specialty.
Pigato: Ideal with fried seafood, anchovies, and dishes with olives and capers.
Rossese: Complements dishes like rabbit stew, roasted lamb, and vegetable tarts.
Sciacchetrà: Perfect with blue cheeses, almond pastries, and honey-drizzled figs.

• Cinque Terre: This UNESCO World Heritage site, comprising five picturesque villages along the coast, is not just a tourist attraction but also a significant wine-producing area. The terraced vineyards here are a testament to the determination of Ligurian winemakers, who have cultivated vines on these steep slopes for centuries.
• Heroic Viticulture: Due to the challenging terrain, much of Liguria's viticulture is described as "heroic." The steep vineyards often require manual labor, with machines being impractical. This labor-intensive approach ensures meticulous care of the vines, resulting in high-quality grapes.
• Ancient Techniques: In certain areas, especially in the production of Sciacchetrà, ancient winemaking techniques are still employed. Grapes are dried on straw mats, and fermentation takes place in traditional stone or concrete tanks.

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