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Metodo Olimpia Frizzante 2020

Metodo Olimpia Frizzante 2020

Cantina Giardino

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  • Place: Irpinia, Campania, Southern Italy.
  • Grapes:  Greco Bianco.
  • Farming: Certified organic.
  • Winemaking: Ancestral method, refermented in the bottle.
  • Style: Sparkling skin-cointact wine, medium body.

Producer Profile

In the vast world of Italian wine, where history intertwines with art, Cantina Giardino stands out as an emblem of passion, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to natural winemaking. Located in the region of Campania, this winery is more than just a producer of wine; it is a guardian of the earth, a storyteller of the soil, and an artisanal innovator.

Founded in the early 2000s, Cantina Giardino came into being as a collective response to the standardization that was increasingly permeating the wine world. A group of friends, led by Antonio and Daniela De Gruttola, sought to salvage old vines, champion indigenous varieties, and produce wine in a way that echoed the traditional practices of their ancestors. Today, their wines are a testament to their success in preserving the authentic essence of Campania's vinicultural heritage.

Central to Cantina Giardino's ethos is an unwavering commitment to natural winemaking. Eschewing the use of chemicals in both the vineyard and cellar, the winery lets nature take the lead. The use of native yeasts for fermentation, minimal intervention in the cellar, and a conscious decision to avoid fining or filtering the wines allows for the true character of the grape and terroir to shine through.

The winery's affinity for amphorae, large clay vessels, as a medium for fermentation and aging is also noteworthy. This ancient winemaking vessel, which sees a renaissance in the modern age, permits the wine to breathe and evolve, yet without imparting any additional flavors, as oak barrels might. The result is a wine that is both expressive and pure.

While many wineries chase international acclaim by planting popular varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, Cantina Giardino's heart lies with the native grapes of Campania. Varieties such as Greco, Fiano, Coda di Volpe, and Aglianico are the heroes here, each offering a unique expression of the region's multifaceted terroir. By nurturing these varieties, Cantina Giardino not only produces distinctive wines but also plays a vital role in preserving biodiversity.

Wine Region

Campania, a region nestled along the sun-drenched southern shores of Italy, has an illustrious history that goes back millennia, deeply intertwined with its veneration for viniculture. This coastal haven, overshadowed by the brooding Vesuvius, has given rise to some of Italy's most illustrious wines, rooted in a legacy that stretches back to ancient Roman times. Dive into the compelling world of Campania's wines, where every bottle is a melodic blend of tradition, terroir, and tenacity.

Campania’s tryst with viticulture can be traced back to the settlements of ancient Greeks. The Greeks introduced viniculture to the region, and their influence can be seen in the names of certain wines and grape varieties even today. The Roman epoch that followed not only continued the wine-producing traditions but also championed them, making Campania’s Falernian wine one of the most renowned in the ancient world.

The natural environment of Campania has proven to be both a blessing and a challenge for wine growers. Its volcanic soils, particularly those near Vesuvius, are rich in minerals that impart unique characteristics to the wines. The warm Mediterranean climate, moderated by coastal breezes, ensures grape maturation while retaining essential acidity.

Yet, the region's rugged terrain often means that vineyards are perched on steep slopes, making mechanization near-impossible. These difficulties, rather than being deterrents, have ensured that Campania's winemaking remains deeply personal and artisanal.

Aglianico: Campania’s red grape par excellence, Aglianico finds its zenith expression in the Taurasi DOCG. Often dubbed the "Barolo of the South", Taurasi wines, rich in tannins and bursting with flavors of dark fruit, tobacco, and spice, can age gracefully for decades.

Fiano: A white grape that thrives in Campania’s volcanic soils, Fiano's most distinguished version comes from the Fiano di Avellino DOCG. A wine with notes of hazelnuts, spices, and pears, it exemplifies the harmony of intensity and elegance.

Greco: Another stellar white variety, the Greco grape is predominantly found in the Greco di Tufo DOCG. With a robust mineral backbone, these wines hint at peaches, almonds, and often possess a zesty, almost saline finish.

Falanghina: An ancient grape with a modern appeal, Falanghina wines are aromatic, showcasing vibrant citrus and floral tones. Its crispness makes it an ideal partner for the seafood delicacies of the Campanian coast.

Campania’s culinary repertoire is as illustrious as its wines. The classic Margherita pizza from Naples is best enjoyed with a young and vibrant Lacryma Christi Rosso. Meanwhile, the rich ragùs and meat dishes of the hinterlands find a soulmate in the robust Taurasi wines. The coastal frutti di mare, whether it's clams, prawns, or anchovies, meld seamlessly with the aromatic whites of the region.

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